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Coro Jewellery

Coro jewellery holds a place of pride among vintage jewellery brands. The Coro brand has been synonymous with authentic vintage jewellery for over a century now. Not many vintage jewellery brands can boast of such solid credentials. This antique jewellery brand has been in existence since the beginning of the 20th century and continues to charm women with its mesmerizing designs.

Coro Jewelry was founded in 1901 in New York. It has a presence in New York and Providence. It went on to become one of the largest jewellery companies in America. The company expanded to Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, England and Mexico. The company had a strong presence in the U.K and continues to enjoy a vintage status here. Many well known designers have worked with Coro Jewelry since their inception. Some big names associated with Coro designs include Gene Verecchio, Robert Geissman, Massa Raimond, Oscar Placco, and Francois. Coro stopped producing new pieces in the 1980s. The pieces in circulation now are collector's items and the older the piece, the greater its worth.

Coro jewellery usually produced pieces under different brand names. Among the various brands the company produced, the best was unarguably CoroCraft. The collection has some of the most stunning pieces of vintage jewellery ever made. There are many directories on the internet which showcase pieces from this collection. Every Coro vintage costume jewelry featured in these collections has a tale to tell. Each piece shows the pain stalking detail and aesthetic beauty that has made it a priceless collector's item.

You can choose from a wide range of Coro vintage jewellery on internet auction sites. You might have to check the prices on some pieces as most pieces are unique. A collector's item is bound to be much costlier. You can choose from gold plated pieces, crystal jewellery and pieces made in sterling silver. You can also try timeless pearls and rhodium plated jewellery. There is an amazing array of brooches jewellery, jewellery earrings and bracelets. Coro Jewelry's most collectible items were made between 1930 and 1950. If you are interested in collector's items, you must check online collections of Coro's early jewelry, duettes, and jelly belly figurals, Mexican sterling and CoroCraft. Nothing says elegance more than Coro jewellery.

Coro Jewelry has many themes. The most sought after pieces are duettes of birds and butterflies. You will also find their flower motifs very popular among buyers. Coro jewelry represents timelessness. The elegance of each piece is definitely worth the collector's item tag it bears. If you want to buy Coro jewelry for your wedding, then try some of their pristine bracelets and brooches. These will complement your wedding dress perfectly and add a dash of sparkle on your wedding day. The rhinestone collections are perfect for gifts as well. Most of these are one of a kind piece.

Vendome was another line Coro Jewellery launched in the 1950s. This collection brings actresses like Greta Garbo to mind. The pieces are classics and you will find necklaces and earrings which spell vintage with style. There are many such collections online which you should not miss out, if you searching for that perfect piece to make your day the one in your lifetime.

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