Chicks Love is run by Donna.

Who loves to Blog In fact I love to blog about anything that takes my fancy in the Celebrity Fashion everyday weird and wonderful world.

I’m a Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Writer, Producer, Padi Diver, Big C survivor, Critic, wiccan, I’m a Lover of Fashion, Jewellery, Shoes (I have a huge amount of them), Reading, The Supernatural (Especially Vampires), Love rollercoaster’s – I’m a bit of an adrenalin Junkie, Movies, – So this creates lots of ideas for blogging.

I love Vampires!!!!!!!

I live on the gorgeous South Coast of England with my husband, two children and two dogs – Frodo and Edward! Our lives are often hectic with always something to occupy us and our home is always full of love and laughter and our ever growing HUGE family – I have two brothers and one sister and they all have partners and children except for my sister – Get a move on Laura!!! Family is a big thing for me I love them all dearly!

Me and My Family

My Little Boys!! Frodo and Edward!








My husband and I are both certified divers so we try to dive as often as possible; I love to photograph under water it gives me great inspiration for my jewellery designs, and lets me escape into a totally different world which inspires my vivid often wild imagination. I am currently writing a book about Witches, I have a few scripts written and I am looking to start a film early in 2012 that’s if all goes to plan.  I would also like to launch my jewellery designs too!!

Me and My hubbie! Underwater Malta 2011

In 2000 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was a VERY hard time for me and my family you never know how it feels until it happens to you – It was a real struggle one I’m glad to say I survived and I am currently 100% healthy – Thankfully. I try to donate and raise funds for Breast Cancer as much as I can they do a brilliant job.

Check for any changes in your breasts Ladies!

 I am always seen FBing and Twittering I can’t help it – it’s like my little addiction!

Twitter - I love it!








My other addiction is SHOES I adore them, I can sometimes be seen watching TV wearing my latest treasured pair, I have so many that I have run out of room and boxes can be seen hidden all over the house!

Mmmmmm Christian Louboutin!! Any shoes will do though!!

I also have a little addiction to using !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just in case you hadn’t already clocked that one I can’t help it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just look great after a sentence.

Love The Exclamation Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an Independent Internet based Jewellery store called Chicks Love selling all sorts of wonderfully beautiful Jewellery and Accessories – which I have been doing since my daughter was born in 1997, originally I just made jewellery for friends and family then a friend of a friend asked me to design and make their wedding jewellery including THE TIARA!!!!! The rest as they say is history!


Please feel free to ask any Jewellery questions that you may have anything from how to care/clean something. How to wear certain piece of jewellery or what jewellery goes with a certain outfit. Maybe your jewellery is marked and you are not sure what it is or you are unsure about stones/material.

Infact anything you want to ask we will help with – If we can!

We hope to see you connecting soon!


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