The Gorgeous Cheryl Cole

We Love Cheryl Cole here at Chicks Love, she always looks so amazing, and Last night was no excepetion when she attended the Screening of Amour at Cannes.

The dramatic dress was by Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture,

The Gorgeous Cheryl Cole - seemed to have the whole of the Red Carpet at Cannes

 The front was a modest neckline and the Back was a low cut to the mid back. She had bright Red Nails with a matching red handbag with wonderful Diamond earrings and a ruby and diamond Bracelet.

Cheryl Cole with Iced Ears!! Splendid!

 We have earrings very similar to those that Cheryl wore last night and we suspect at a fraction of the cost!!!

Earrings at Chicks Love similar to those worn by Cheryl Cole

We think that these earrings are just as pretty! And if you wanted to have them for your self you can buy them from out site here! Don’t worry if they are not to your taste we have plenty to choose from!

Cheryl Cole at Cannes – What an amazing figure too!!

We love Premiers and we love to look at all the lovely dresses and jewellery!

Chicks Love …………………………………………………………… Cheryl Cole








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