Breaking Dawn Part 1

As you may or may not know I am a Twihard – yes I know I am 40 and I am way to old for it but I love Vampire stuff and I read all the books before it was made into films and just to be clear – I am Team Edward – not really into RPatz just love the Edward Character.

Edward Cullen

I think perhaps it is because I love happy Endings I was always team Angel!! I was always hoping that Angel and Buffy made it!

Buffy and Angel

Buffy and Angel

The picture above was taken from one of my favourite episodes that happens to of been in Angel series 1 ‘I will Remember You’ It was heart breaking!!

My Breaking Heart

I wonder what it is about Happy Endings? I am always hoping that Love will prevail and that Love really does conquer all!

But the reason for this article/blog is I found out that there is a new trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 1 and I wanted to share it with you all, as I am so very excited about it!! In my circle of friends I am called Geek 1 and I tell you I deserve the title! I went to Italy with Geek 2 my cousin to see the filming of New Moon, we stayed in the same Hotel as the actors and we saw several scenes being filmed it was awesome we had a great time!

Filming of New Moon - Yellow Porsche

Filming of New Moon - Yellow Porsche

It was a great experience, one of the reasons that I am called Geek 1!

So the reason for this is to share the Breaking Dawn Part 1 latest trailer it gave me goose bumps and is awesome I love it – and I hope that you do to!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Official Trailer

Enjoy everybody!!

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