Lady Gaga was modeling for famous photographer Annie Leibovitz in New York and as usual wore an array of weird and wonderful clothing!

Just look at those shoes!!

Ok it may not be something that you would wear but I love this red outfit, I don’t think that I would even attempt to walk in those shoes although I would love to try them on – I am a UK size 3 just in case somebody has some that I can try!!

She was in New York donning these outfits for a feature in Vanity Fair and I bet the photo’s will look amazing as Annie Leibovitz is renowned for her stunning work!

One of my favourite Annie Leibovitz photos! Surprise Surprise!!!

The red dress was not part of the photo shoot sadly but this one was, how amazing is that headdress not something us mothers would wear on the school run though! Could you imagine the looks you would get!! lol

Lady GAGA in an amazing outfit! Got to love her craziness!!Although I have read that she fell over whilst still holding her hot dog I am not surprised that she did in those stilt heels!Save the HOT DOG!!!

I wonder what amazing photos Annie will bring is in the future either way I bet they will all be amazing!

Chicks Love ……………………………………. Lady Gaga and Annie Leibovitz


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