Coco Chanel

An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney

I have just heard that there is a new biography out on Coco Chanel!!!


 Lisa Chaney’s forthcoming biography, Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life, claims to have concrete evidence of Chanel’s use of drugs, as well as new insights into her bisexuality, multiple affairs and love with a Nazi spy.

Ms Chanel had many affairs including one with then-married Salvador Dali.

Coco Chanel Smoking!

The book is due to be released in November, Ms Chaney 
uses newly discovered letters as well as documents from the Swiss Federal Archives to quell any doubt as to the truth of some of the less palatable aspects of Ms Chanel’s colourful lifestyle.

The Life of Coco Chanel has always fascinated me.

Coming from a poor background and having left the orphanage at 18 she joined the Circus singing then the turning point I feel was meeting young french textile heir Etienne Balsan he then introduced her to Captain Capel who financed her first shops and was supposedly the great love of her life!

Coco and Capel

I am positive that this will not be the last book written about this great fashion Icon, they will keep coming as will the movies. She has and I am sure will continue to be of interest to all ages.

I love her jewellery designs and often find great vintage pieces of hers -

Chanel Vintage Earrings

You can read more about her at wikipedia or many sites have articles about her she sure lead a fascinating life.

An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney is out 10th November keep checking Amazon - they have no quoted price as yet!

Chicks Love ……………………………………… Coco Chanel 


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