Sarah Coventry

Sarah Coventry was started in 1950 in Newark, New York by Sarah Ann Stuart. It sold jewelry in a rather unconventional way. The idea was to sell costume jewellery in parties, which were hosted by the company’s Fashion Directors. This was a novel idea, which appealed to many women. The company provided ample scope for growth. The company gave its employees the opportunity to reach the pinnacle by becoming the National Sales Manager of Sarah Coventry.

Vintage Sarah Coventry Apple Brooch

The company of course specializes in costume jewellery. Sarah Coventry jewellery items were not just good, they were of excellent quality. This bode well for the company. Its striking designs and a flair for taste made a winning combination. The company was also an example of managerial excellence. The designing and making of the various Sarah necklaces and other Sarah Coventry jewelry was done at other companies. Sarah Coventry took care of selling the pieces.

Sarah Coventry necklace.

Their jewellery will take you back in time. Each piece is lovingly crafted with a particular setting in mind. Some of the pieces have been named after places like the Monte Carlo line for example. The designs are also made to suit a particular occasion. They have pieces for teachers, antiques and evening wear. Take a look in to the collection, you will find one that’s just right for you.

A wonderful Pair of pearl and silver Sarah Coventry clip Earrings

The company parties were the toast of town. This was the case in the heydays of the 1960s. Its fame spread far, and this gave the company marketing a lot of mileage. Most pieces of jewellery have turned into collector’s items. There were television channels that even handed out the Sarah collection as prizes to contestants. One famous contest which was televised around that time was ‘Queen of the Day’. Here the contestant would have to tell the judges why she should be chosen queen of the day, and she would win a beautiful Sarah Coventry Jewelry set if the judges were convinced.

Sarah Coventry Ring

The company went through a lag phase in the 1980s with parties dying out. But the company has come back with the renewed vigor. The company now has its website, where you can apply to become a part of the Sarah Coventry family. The website continues in the tradition of the past, and does direct selling now. It also advertises and sells products on the Shopping Network. The parties have started again. Most Sarah Coventry parties are a gala affair. The charm and brilliance of these collector’s items are combined with the warmth of the Fashion Designers themselves. There are also many people online who are selling premium pieces of jewellery to the best bidder.

Sarah Coventry is a venture that has a history as romantic as its creations. If you want to capture the magic of vintage jewelry, your search begins and ends here.

Just a little bit of Information about the brilliant Sarah Coventry – I tried to find a picture of her but do you think I can find one!!!

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