Manicini Jewellery!!!

I have just brought a huge stock of Mancini jewellery which will hopefully be delivered later this week!!

Take a look at these wonderful bracelets that you attach a charm too they look really cool and my daughter and her friends have already put in there orders!!!

 Such a cool bracelet and even better that you can change the charm so that you have a different look everyday!! Wonderful, I think this is going to be a hit for all ages so trendy and versatile.

And the charms are super cool too -

One for the music lover in your life!!!!

And not just for the music lover, we have shoes, bags, fruit, charms for when you want to support England!!

Or for when you graduate, we have some for horse lovers or even for the religious!!

What ever the reason or the occasion we have a charm to suit one and all here at

Even if you have chickens or if you want to celebrate the latest arrival!!!

Not only are we stocking the bracelets and charms we are also stocking the necklace and you can change the charms on this daily too!!!

Fantastic, also to match these we have the bracelets and again you can wear a matching charm or a contrasting one!!

You could even put your initials on these if you wanted too!!

AS I am a little partial to the odd cocktail -ssssshhhhhh don’t tell anyone – I rather like this one!!

Let me know what you think – All Mancini Products are arriving shortly so keep looking!!

Also we have some wonderful rings by Bellezza so gorgeous here is a sneak peak!!!

Also to come are some great Fiorelli Jewellery – I especially love these bracelets what do you think??

I am loving this, it also comes in a great bright orange!!!

I promise to keep you posted with all the exciting new products coming your way!!!

Lots of Love

Donna xxxxxxx

Chicks Love ……………………………. Mancini, Bellezza and Fiorelli!!!

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