January is the first month of the year. January represents a fresh begining a new start! This is when we are supposed to make new years resolutions be more positive start as we mean to go on. And yet four months down the line we tend to break these resolutions and end up going back to how we have been most of our lives.

January 2010

I used to make resolutions but I realise that I too am one of these people that cannot stick to them infact I find it hard to stick to one thing ever my jewellery is the only thing that hasn’t made me bored, I guess thats why I have been doing it for so long! Anyway this year I am not making resolutions I am just living my life and more importantly trying to enjoy my life appreciate my family and live!

If we think about January I am sure lots of you will have different ideas of it, Cold, Depressing. But what I mean is things happen like Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversarys, Births, Deaths, you name it, it happens not just in January but every month, but for this article we will stick to just January.

My Nephew who is also my god child was born in January, January 1st to be exact. So January is a good month for him. Lots of people I know have a birthday this month too, quite a busy one for me, luckly just cards for most and not presents, which is good because I am officially broke, although I do have my brother and my maybe potential Sister in law to buy for. No Anniversarys for me this month though, no weddings this month and no bad memorys or good for that matter.

I have put my calenders up, one from my 5 year old neice, that I religiously wrote birthdays, Aniversarys etc on. And one, my passion of the moment at least in films, ‘New Moon’ its on the inside of the wardrobe so as not to annoy members in the house you know who you are. This month a picture of Edward aka Robert Pattinson. I can here some of you wince now why would a 38 your old working mother/wife have a new moon calender? To say that I am obsessed would be an understatment but thats a post for another time. New_Moon_4_by_K0KoNut

 Back to ………………………..  January!!

 Apparently the most depressing day of the year is January 18th, I wonder why this might be, perhaps its because it is cold, the nights close in early, we are sun deprived and we are running out of money because of the christmas that is now a slightly distant memory. And this year it may be made worse by all the terrible snow we have encountered in britian. But this is according to a psychologist, infact one of the reasons towards this research is the afore mentioned resolutions, apparently we have already started to revert back to our old habits!! Great I gave us FOUR months!! Thats hope for you.

 Some little smiles to cheer us up in this dreary weather!

So what else do we know about January – Well what star sign (zodiac) are you we have two in this month

Capricorn – 22 December/20th January

Josephine Walls - Capricorn

Josephine Walls - Capricorn

 Aquarius – 21 January/19th February 

Josephine Wall - Aquarius

Josephine Wall - Aquarius

 January has the birthstone of Garnet and the flower for January is Carnation.

By her who in this month is born

 No gems save garnets should be worn

They will insure her constancy

Trye friendship and fidelity


So if you are stuck as to an idea as to what to buy somebody whos birthday is in January or if you have an anniversary why not by them something with a garnet and if your budget does not stretch to this maybe something in that colour, you could write the poem above on the gift tag, and hey presto watch the smile and adoration appear.

Take a look at my website for some gift ideas what ever the occasion, and if you have any other ideas for January please free to leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Donna

Chicks Love ……………………. January!!


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